A New Week in a Spectacular New Home In The Southern Colorado Foothills!

So relieved to have our final move behind us!


All I feel is gratitude for the many ways my life has changed since I decided to make love my highest priority back in 2004. I see now that if I hadn’t decided to find a way to believe in love again back then, none of my other goals could have been achieved.

First there was my fortuitous meeting with Mike in early 2005, which led to having the courage, time and energy to begin a new writing career. My books followed as Mike and I’s relationship grew.


Then, when the time seemed exactly right, we decided to move out of the city forever and found this lovely valley to build in with 180 degree views of the Spanish Peaks and the Sangre de Cristos. But if Mike had not had the vision and the proper skills to create this home, it would have never been built.


The peace and quiet, the chilly air in the morning as the sun comes up, this is heaven or close enough for me.

How did I end up here, feeling so fortunate?

It’s a long story, one I can now share with you!

12 thoughts on “A New Week in a Spectacular New Home In The Southern Colorado Foothills!

  1. I’m so happy for you. I still can’t risk breaking my heart by opening it up. I think I’d have to get the scar tissue surgically removed before I’d allow myself to be vulnerable enough to allow any man to enter. Still, I haven’t given up hope, because I’ve always believed in miracles. Your home and property are beautiful!


    • Just to let you know Theresa, Mike had medical issues (CFS) when I met him and he told me immediately before I met him in person. At 50 most of us have some sort of medical issues let’s face it…That just means we need love and acceptance even more!

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  2. Theresa I know how you feel, but opening to love is the only way to find genuine love and acceptance. I called it soul surgery when I decided the ONLY thing I really wanted before I died was to feel complete love and acceptance. Please take a look at my book for assistance.

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    • Thank you. Right now I’m dealing with some medical issues and I certainly don’t want to drag anybody into that kind of drama, but I may feel the need to reward myself when the crises are over, so thank you again.


  3. Congratulations on being strong, resilient and focused on building a new life with your partner in a new location. I adore the photos you have shared throughout your journey.

    Many happy times ahead!



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