Location, Location, Location – Where do you belong in this wild & crazy world?

power outage

Picture this: We now live a southern Colorado county with only two traffic lights. Yep, in the whole county!

So, our recent experience getting stuck in our worst traffic jam ever in Denver, convinced us that country living may be a better choice. After a quick trip up there this week, I am even more certain that we have found the best place in the world for us.

What happens when I drive up to Denver? The first thing I notice is the foul air, and then everything starts crowding in on me. When you’re used to a one stoplight town, traffic in the city can get very intense, very quickly. Try sitting in that traffic for 30 or 40 minutes after living in the southern Colorado outback for a couple of years. UNBELIEVABLE!

Did you know my original goal in leaving northern Colorado was to never waste another minute of my limited lifespan sitting in a traffic jam?

Don’t get me wrong. I do see the appeal of the city, just not for me anymore. I now totally appreciate what a fine line it can be finding the right size city for each of us. Too small and it can get boring, too large and it’s ugly in so many ways.

From my experience, it is important when you start searching for your forever home, to spend some serious time there first. Spend at least six months to a year there before choosing anything permanent. Try to make a few friends and learn as much as you can about the area.

IMGP4598As we age we find out how important the simple pleasures are in our lives. When you have more past than future, you learn.

Want to learn more about the experience of moving from the city to the country to live a quiet, relaxed life? Check it out here!

7 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location – Where do you belong in this wild & crazy world?

  1. Yes a medium size city but living out a little, a college town, a good hospital, friendly people, great restaurants, a bit of arts and culturel, lots of outdoor activities and decent weather. I live in a town just like this…retired for 13 years here…love it! Asheville NC


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