Who stole the bright side?

OK so I try very hard not to talk about politics here. Who cares what I think? I’m certainly not going to change anyone else’s mind, and there are so many haters coming out of the woodwork lately, who knows…

But on top of the unfortunate event today, one which I can only respond to with ‘Dumb Fucks Rule’, I have been struck with a number of crushing health problems all at once at age 61. Just in time for the hateful Republicans to rejoice at taking away my health insurance, I need more medical tests than I ever have to determine my present life expectancy.


That gives you some idea why I’m not rejoicing when a bombastic narcissist, who received only 63 million votes while over 74 million Americans voted against him, is telling us all how popular he is. So much for that whole idea of democracy. Am I the only American who thinks the electoral college should have been history at least a hundred years ago?


I used to believe that democracy worked, but with the failure of public education in our country, critical thinking is certainly dead. A reality TV star has just become the most powerful man in the world, and millions of Americans truly believe that this billionaire gives a shit about them. Go study up on the 1% guys. What drugs are you taking to convince yourself that this guy cares about you?

Live and learn, but this lesson is going to hurt…

I’m a newcomer to rural southern Colorado.  After two years I decided to compile a short journal about the ups and downs of moving from a good-sized city to rural America to build a passive solar retirement home in the foothills:

A Memoir of Retirement: From Suburbia to Solar in Southern Colorado

Please share this information with your friends if they are considering similar life changes. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss any of these challenges, and to order your own signed copies of any of my books!  Cheers, Laura Lee  (email me: MidlifeCrisisQueen@gmail.com)



5 thoughts on “Who stole the bright side?

  1. Yes, this lesson is going to hurt. I hope we will all learn from this and it will button up our democracy. Procedures that were not written into law, but were traditional or just plain common decency, are not going to be followed in this administration. So, we will have to learn that lesson. Also, we will learn that there are no simple solutions, as much as simple minds would like to believe. It’s definitely pissing off a lot of people who used to be quiet and take it though. Hell hath not fury like the scorn of *millions* of women.


  2. I hope you will be able to find out what’s wrong and will be able to get treatment. It’s a terrible time we’re facing in the near term. And please say whatever you want on your blog. It will make me feel less alone.


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