Life in a very small town: La Veta Colorado

I loved yesterday! It started out like so many of my great days… badly! Mike has been very ill so we had to cancel our anniversary trip. I was disappointed and a bit grumpy, but I had promised to go into La Veta to meet a new friend who only comes through occasionally, so I drove into town. We had some tasty pizza, along with a great time talking and laughing about “family problems” with my friend. It turns out my new friend has a wry sense of humor and, guess what? Everybody has family problems… who knew? On the way out the door I ran into another new friend.

Then we took a walk around tiny town for a few errands.

La Veta has the best public library! If they don’t have a movie, they get it for you from their extensive network of other small public libraries. That’s how I keep current on my movies. It’s free and I get to watch them in the comfort of my own home.

Speaking of libraries, I met my new friend when I was at a Christmas festival in La Veta last December, selling my new book. She came up and we started talking and before I knew it she bought a copy. Now whenever she comes down here, she looks me up. I love the person-to-person contact that comes from selling my books one-on-one to new friends, instead of through the “evil empire” Amazon. For one thing, it is so much more friendly and personal. And another, Amazon doesn’t take half of my profit! We have even had these new friends up to our solar home to show off our incredible views. I guess I’m trying to get them to think about moving here….

My friend and her husband enjoyed my new memoir so much, they wanted to buy my other books, so we walked over to my car to get them. As luck would have it, there were two ladies sitting on a bench near us when I opened up the back of my Forester. They giggled and looked at us, so I said, “No, I’m not dealing drugs out of my car. It’s even better! I’m selling my ‘feel good’ books!”

We got to talking to them about books, love and dating (because of my love book), and life in La Veta. They said it’s tough meeting good men here. The good ones are married. One older gentleman walked by, overheard us, and I think he was about to join in to disagree! They asked me to bring more of my books into town. They wanted to buy a few.

My 1st La Veta Octoberfest 2013. Should we move here?

I said goodbye to my new friend until she comes down here again, maybe for Octoberfest. That’s when they close down Main Street and everybody parties together. This will be our fifth one!

Next I went to see another friend I met through my exercise class. Such good people in La Veta, and it’s amazing how quickly you can recognize so many on Main Street. Sometimes you may be talking about someone and they will walk right by!

So glad I chose this quiet, slow and friendly lifestyle for my forever home & retirement.

To learn more about how we ended up here, living in a solar home in the Colorado outback, check out: A Memoir of Retirement: From Suburbia to Solar in Southern Colorado…  

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12 thoughts on “Life in a very small town: La Veta Colorado

  1. It sounds so much like the little towns down South in Western Australia Laura Lee – I met my husband in one of those towns (and now we live in a slightly bigger version) I love the friendships and bumping into people you know down the street. I hope your new friend ends up being a convert and moving closer to you soon.


  2. I am a city girl but a good friend of mine lives in a small town 60 miles away. We go shopping here in the city and she bumps into people from her town all the time. I hardly bump into anyone I know ever! When I am in her town, since she was a teacher for 30 years, going to the grocery store is an event with kids young and old coming up to her to say Hi.


  3. I am super happy that I found your blog. I just purchased your book and am looking forward to it’s arrival. We have a lot in common. My husband and I recently purchased property in Cuchara… just down the road from La Veta. I could spend all day walking around La Veta looking at the buildings, shopping, etc. That library is one of the best libraries I have ever visited.

    My husband retired in May. I’m still looking forward to that special day… hopefully soon… so we can spend more time in the mountains.


    • I am also super happy I found you! YOU are the reason I do what I do! Please let me know when you get here and we’ll get together! We live halfway between Walsenburg and La Veta in the foothills with incredible views of the Sangres. Been here for 3 years and I have a nice and ever-growing group of friends to introduce you to! If you want to buy any more of my books, I can sell you copies direct from me… Cheers! E-mail me anytime:


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