Best Gift EVER!

The day I got Rasta in 2008

Talk about the perfect Christmas gift! Ten years ago today I received my puppy Rasta. He was the runt in a litter full of BIG BOYS! His brothers were all twice his size! He weighed around 2.5 pounds.

Rasta Xmas 2008 (2)

Little did I know how totally in love I would fall with this tiny puppy being…

Laura & Rasta Xmas-2012-CROPPED

He has become my best buddy every day of my life. Always with me, always loving.

Mike and Rasta in kayak 3 (2)

And Mike loves him too!

8 thoughts on “Best Gift EVER!

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when just the right dog joins our family? When I became a widow I adopted a dog from the animal shelter and he is the ideal companion for me, with many nicknames including Wonder Dog. It looks like your dog may want to go kayaking.


  2. Adorable – read you often – love your blog -sorry for not commenting before today- always seem to be so busy – husband recovering from cancer (fingers crossed and praying) – way off subject – I, like you, love, love, love my dog – Buddy is my joy – a little Jackapoo (Jack Russell and poodle mix) we rescued 3 years ago. He keeps us laughing and in good spirits with his silly antics. He’s a cuddler and loves all people and animals – just too sweet. Same coloring as Rasta – such a sweet face and I am sure he’s not a spoiled Mama’s boy – of course not.. Happy Holidays..Mary Ellen


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