Life-Changing Books by Laura Lee Carter

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to move to a very culturally different place to live a new kind of life? In 2014 we left suburbia in Fort Collins forever to build a passive solar home in rural Colorado, looking at the phenomenal Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

Please enjoy my new memoir of this amazing adventure at age 60!


laura-rasta-xmas-2012-croppedAfter learning the tough lessons offered by midlife, I began transforming my own life into a much more authentic version of what I wanted to experience before I died. SPECIAL BONUS: There are do-overs before it’s all over!  Learn how to embrace the person you are inside, realize what you need to happen before you die, and begin living the life you can only imagine today.

find-your-reason-to-be-here-amazonMost don’t know how natural and healthy the process of personal transformation is in our middle years. I have studied every aspect of this exciting new rite of passage, the best time to make major changes. In this book I pass on this knowledge to you. Find Your Reason to Be Here: The Search for Meaning in Midlife teaches you how midlife works. Don’t miss out on the many emotional changes to be expected past age 40!

How To Believe In Love Again coverIt’s so tough to believe in love after decades of personal struggle. I struggled for years myself. Then I found a way to change my heart, my mind and my attitude towards love. Guess what happened then? I found the love of my life! How to Believe In Love Again: Opening to Forgiveness, Trust and Your Own Inner Wisdom is how I turned love around in my life. Learn how to forgive yourself, gain new self-respect and love again!

Midlife Magic coverMidlife Magic: Becoming the Person You Are Inside! explains how midlife change, changes everything. Here I share my own story of transformation from divorced, unemployed and miserable, to my best life ever. Peppered with motivating quotes, this book shows you how to transform your crisis into positive personal change. Breakdowns can so often turn into important personal breakthroughs.  

midlife-change-workbookFor extra help in changing your life you might want to try my spiral-bound companion journal. This workbook helps you confront your own emotional barriers to getting the life you deserve. Change your life step-by-step, while writing daily about your feelings as they occur.

All of these signed titles are available for purchase directly from the author. Please feel free to contact Laura Lee at:


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