How To Believe in Love Again

CRW_4879At 49, divorced and miserable, I discovered exactly how tough it can be to believe in love again. But after decades of struggle, I was determined this time. I started my own dating service and in that way learned new ways to change my heart, my mind and my feelings towards love. Guess what happened next? I found the love of my life!  Yes, that’s Mike and I on our wedding day at age 50… just like a couple of kids!

The break up of any major relationship is the perfect time to process how you are relating with others. The last time I launched myself into such deep analysis was when I got divorced and then lost my job/career in 2004. I knew this was a great time to readjust life priorities. I decided I didn’t much care about anything but love, because if I didn’t ever find one more beautiful love relationship, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to live that much longer. I knew that if I improved my own relationship with myself, I would be so much easier for others to enjoy.

How to Believe in Love Again!How to Believe In Love Again: Opening to Forgiveness, Trust and Your Own Inner Wisdom is how I turned love around for myself, and finally got what I wanted this time. Finding unconditional love and compassion in a world where it is such a rare jewel, saved my life. Save yourself. Learn how to forgive past mistakes, gain new self-respect and then find love again!                                  Send me an e-mail and I’ll hook you up with a copy…                                        — Laura Lee, Midlife Crisis Queen:

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