Oh no! Not again…

Unfortunately, I have history with brain injuries. Then yesterday, while trying to hang a picture, I fell backwards off a short stool, onto our stone floor and yep, a whole new concussion.

So it was off to the ER, because my head was bleeding badly. You know what they say about scalp wounds? Well they really do bleed a lot! But an attractive, young MD and a few staples in my scalp did the trick.

Yep, another case of feeling stupid, ever since I did a face plant off my bike in 2008 and sustained a TBI, fractured ribs, etc.

I’ve been very careful… really! I don’t know how this happened. Well, actually I do. I remember the accident this time, especially the cracking sound as my head hit the floor!

My advice, always use those short ladders with a handle up top, and don’t move anywhere that is so rural that you don’t have a good ER nearby, for those messy situations we can get ourselves into at any age!

BTW, my cute MD who looked a tad bit like the young George Clooney in the TV series ER agrees with me. 🙂