A Magical Mix of Love and Gardening!

Speaking of gardening, I love this tiny gem of a film with just the right mix of magic, love and gardening. By chance I noticed “This Beautiful Fantastic” from 2016 and got a copy at my local library. Here is the story, full of love and transformation!

Beautiful, eccentric Bella Brown is portrayed as insular and solitary, so of course she gets a job at the local library. Her boss, the librarian, is a mean, nasty, OCD type of woman. I have had it with that tired, old stereotype of librarians…when will it end?

The story is that of how Bella blossoms into a marvelous new life, as she learns from a couple of caring new friends how to garden. Somehow she evolves from a “horticultural terrorist” with a fear of flora, into the author of her own “beautifully ordered chaos” in the garden and in her own life.

Of course we have the frustrated librarian who wants to become an author, the mystery of why her equally-eccentric love interest abandons her at the park, a wonderful performance by Tom Wilkinson as the grumpy old neighbor…

…and the amazing garden which blossoms mysteriously overnight.

All of the ingredients are here for a lovely, fun, thoroughly British fantasy of friendship, love and gardening! Don’t miss it! I watched it twice. BRILLIANT!

Bella’s definition of LOVE: He makes me feel like I can fly!

BTW, I also love writing about love and how to keep believing in it at any age! I found true love at 49 and I’m so glad I did. But first I needed to spend some time considering why I hadn’t found it yet. I soon saw that I had lost my faith in the importance of love in my life. I had “learned to pretend there’s more than love that matters.” (Indigo Girls)
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