The Trusses are Going UP!

OK, a few months ago I didn’t even know what a truss was. Now I feel like an expert! Two men were balancing up there, while guiding the trusses from a small crane!

IMGP3117Check out the scene at our mountain property yesterday as we watched the trusses going up!

IMGP3125It was warm and a bit too windy for my comfort, but the brave men putting up our new home in southern Colorado were working very hard anyway, even on a Saturday!

IMGP3139When we arrived they had already completed the trusses on the south-facing part of our home and were working on the back, garage section.

IMGP3123Check out the view from our south-facing windows!

IMGP3133And the view looking west towards the guest bedroom!

Finally it’s beginning to look like an actual house, and they got them in just in time for a little bit of snow today.

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