Bad ER behavior in small town USA!

We have needed the services of the only ER in this rural Colorado county twice since we moved here almost one year ago.

The first was within a week of arriving here. Mike developed a nasty reaction, with extreme gut pain, nausea, etc. The doctor who assisted us that time was kind and seemed to want to be helpful, but could not figure out what to do.

Then this past Thursday morning, Mike was writhing in extreme pain from a recently diagnosed neck vertabra injury. Apparently he had turned his head the wrong way in his sleep even with a neck brace on. Even though he was on a very strong opioid for pain, it was still completely out of control.

The young doctor who came in to “help” us had the worst bedside manner I have ever witnessed. He seemed to immediately jump to the conclusion that we were drug shopping, and said he could not prescribe anything.

Come to find out, all Mike needed was a strong dose of anti-inflammatory (Aleve) and a muscle relaxant to go with his other pills. So that stupid young doctor pissed us off for no reason at all!

I for one did not know that you can take Aleve along with opioids. If I had we could have saved hundreds of dollars and all the shaming that doctor had to offer us!

5 thoughts on “Bad ER behavior in small town USA!

  1. batteredhope said:
    “. . .I find the worst offenses to the medical profession occur in the Emergency room.”

    Actually, as a physician misbehavior investigator, I can promise you by far the most egregious offenses are private MDs, followed by “pain management” specialists and cosmetic surgery people. Very, very few ER docs are ever convicted of anything. See our website “Medical Miscreants” and our book “Paramedic Heretic” for more detail, if you are interested.


  2. Thanks for your response and info about your book! As it turns out, the MDs in our small town ER seem to change every week or two, too often to get caught I guess! I had a totally positive experience with a concussion a week or so ago…


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