A new family member!

IMGP4296We got a black and white, multi-purpose cat this week! He’s a cutie, plus we hope he’ll help us with our pack rat problem! I think his name is Charlie, but Mike keeps changing his mind…

OK, so we were pressured into it, sort of.

We have one smart pack rat who insists on camping out in our car this winter. Yes, we’ve tried everything to get him out of there. Leaving the hood up and traps don’t work, and poison was just a waste of money, so we got a cat.

We’ll keep you posted on the rat-cat conflict. Let’s see who wins!

Rasta and Xmas toy 2013Of course Rasta is not at all pleased with the prospect of sharing our undivided attention, but he’s slowly getting used to this tiny intruder.

IMGP4308We’re making progress!

4 thoughts on “A new family member!

  1. You will have a lot of fun with these new critters. I love LaVeta. I haven’t been there for way too long. I passed through there every week about twelve years ago on my way to Alamosa, Colorado when I was working on my MA. You live in a beautiful place.


  2. Put dryer sheets – the fabric softener type in your car engine compartment. Mice hate the smell. Just take them out before you,start the car.


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