One of the worst things about aging!

I am not a vain person. I have never spent much time focused on my appearance, BUT I find it so unfair that all of us look worse as we age. It’s like Mike said yesterday, where did all of these wrinkles come from?

I find this especially discouraging when I see pictures of my favorite movie stars from decades ago… what happened? Even those with perfect features go bad with the decades. Sure some have better genetics for this sort of thing, but anyway you cut it, it sucks.

Let’s take Carrie Fisher. Now there’s someone with good genetics, between Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher!

Carrie Fisher-1983In 1983 she looked great!

Carrie Fisher Star Wars The Force AwakensBut over 30 years later, even she is showing some serious aging!

I know, there is nothing new about this information, but just wait until it happens to you. Unless you are partially comatose, it can be quite shocking to look into the mirror some days! I have decided mirrors are not my friend anymore…that goes 7X for magnifying mirrors!

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12 thoughts on “One of the worst things about aging!

  1. Another way to look at it….while we are all aging, I look at my husband and I see Doug, just Doug. Same way with close friends. I feel love gives you an “out” with those you are closest to, so you’re ageless through their eyes as they know the real you. And that’s all that really counts.


  2. The person I see in the mirror is much older than the person living behind my eyes. What’s up with that? I have turned into my mother—–which is not a bad thing—–
    But Dang!


  3. It’s not so much that I’m looking older–I look just like my friends and hubby. It’s more that the rest of the world is looking younger. I see new parents out strolling with their newborn babies and they look like they’re still in high school or should be.


  4. Another part of aging is seeing the parents of relatives or childhood friends appear in your aging friend’s or relative’s face – or, seeing your friend’s face in your grown children. The first time I saw an uncle in his grown son (who is several years older than I am) it freaked me out. I’m better with it now.


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