Springtime in the Rockies Boomer Blog Festival!


The clouds on the Spanish Peaks, before the next snow…

I wanted to make this post a gigantic celebration of spring, but then it started snowing again. We have had a completely dry month and a half, so I’m glad we are finally getting some moisture to control the fire danger. And to tell the truth, I LOVE it when it snows here! There is probably no more peaceful place on earth when we are fogged in, and the snow gently falls.

I asked my fellow boomer bloggers to send me posts about their spring rituals. Interestingly, two decided to write about TAXES. This is a very sore subject around here. Did you know that all the money you spend on building a new home is seen as income? BUMMER! Now on top of the price of the house, we owe an arm and a leg in taxes!

Here are Tom and Meryl’s take on the subject:

income taxesSpring is not the carefree season Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting remembers as a child and teenager. Adult responsibilities intrude and must be heeded before the best season of the year can be enjoyed. Read about her pre-spring hurdle in A Rite of Spring.

Tom Sightings also has practical matters on his mind. In a post from his more innocent days he details 10 Lessons You Learn from Doing Your Taxes. But now he must make a confession. This year he fell victim to No. 10, and has hired an expert to blaze his path through the thicket of the federal tax return.

daffodil vaseIn the spring, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist who blogs at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, is inspired by the increased sunshine and the beautiful blossoms of spring. She plants an organic garden every year and enjoys the wonderful vegetables she produces. Robison was particularly inspired one year when she went to the Green Festival in Seattle and met Alice WatersAlice Waters, the owner of the Berkeley, California, restaurant Chez Panisse, which features locally sourced, organic food. Alice is a leader in the locally grown, organic food movement.

And finally, writer Carol Cassara asks: Are there things you’re doing that are just life clutter, joyless or stressful? Is it time to let them go? How about some spring cleaning for your mind! 

the human ear hearing lossI found I literally had too much stuff in my ears this week.   Here’s a hint: If you’re having new difficulties hearing as well as you used to, go get the extra wax out. It’s like a new lease on life, but I will never forget the sound of that vacuum cleaner for your ears! What a trip… apparently I had a record amount of wax!

Just had to add my favorite Easter cartoon:

Easter chocolate Bunny cartoon


7 thoughts on “Springtime in the Rockies Boomer Blog Festival!

  1. Yes Michelle! My rituals are eating lots of strawberries and asparagus, two of my favorite foods. I also usually go get new plants to plant outside, but around here the animals would probably eat them all…


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