There’s always going to be a few assholes…

Try as I might to avoid or ignore the mean, ignorant people of this world, they still turn up in the most unlikely places. Yesterday a troll turned up on the Amazon sales page for my new book. What world does this guy live in? Wherever that is, it looks mighty grim to me, and his criticisms are absurd too.

Be yourselfI know my book isn’t anywhere near perfect, but it is an honest description of our “adventure” here in rural southern Colorado. From our original thoughts of moving to Ecuador to retire, to the purchase of our property, and then the move to Walsenburg three summers ago, this is our story. My favorite part of his rant is:  “This book is more like a daily diary of her thoughts for the moment.”                     Hello, this is a memoir after  all. If you feel my thoughts and feelings are “fluff” then why the hell did YOU buy the book? There are all sorts of free websites about building a passive solar home.

Just go read those, you moron!

My final comment on this obviously brilliant Internet troll and his poorly written rant, in responsive to his line: “She fancies herself as a writer…” I fancy you to be some miserable asshole hanging out alone, because you’re so naturally nasty and negative. Am I right?

Mike’s response to our friendly neighborhood book troll:

memoir of retirement 2016If this guy didn’t want a memoir, why did he buy one? This book is not about the technical aspects of solar building. There are plenty of detailed sources available for the technical information needed to properly design a solar home. The house was only about 10 percent more expensive than the house we sold. Besides being passive solar, the house is a major upgrade in quality and interior finishes. I also love my oversize garage that’s almost twice the size of the old one. There is no comparison between the corporation built tract home we sold and our new custom solar home! The trials and tribulations of building a beautiful retirement home in the country is what this book is about.

2 thoughts on “There’s always going to be a few assholes…

  1. Haters will hate (to quote a saying fast becoming a cliche) and the prospect of haters coming after me, in truth, scares me away from becoming an author. I read somewhere that some of those trolls are paid to leave miserable reviews, and others are trolls…well, as you say, there will always be a few assholes. I applaud you for writing your memoir, and for blogging, and for doing what you need to have a good life.


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