Eight Boomer Bloggers Share Their Thoughts!


It’s been touch and go on whether I would get into the holiday spirit this year, what with over a months worth of health problems, but it finally hit this morning!


Luckily Mike had already gone out to cut our honorary Christmas bush, put it in the stand, brought it inside and watered it. Man, that tree was thirsty! And speaking of the holidays, let’s see what our other Boomer bloggers have been up to this week!

What would the holiday be without Moms? One of our new columnists Jennifer Koshak says:  Mommyisms are things that only a Mother would say, but in this case, they are things that only my 98-year-old Mother could say.  Go visit UnfoldAndBegin.com to read the latest installment in Laugh With These 3 New Mommyisms. 

Lest we forget, the holidays are super tough for those who grieve, Carol Cassara over at A Healing Spirit reminds us of the writer Joan Didion’s moving take on grief in two memoirs she wrote after the deaths of her husband and daughter. Her writing on grief is some of the most lucid, moving and deep, worth reminding you of if you’ve read them, and worth reading if you haven’t yet.

60th birthday cake fireSpeaking of celebrations, another of our new members, Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond recently was asked: “What was your BEST birthday ever?” She immediately thought of her recent 60th birthday celebration, but then, after looking back over 60 years, she found that there were several others that might be rated as ‘the best’.  Find out why this best birthday question reminded Sue of the importance of reflection and gratitude.

sick in bedMeryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting spent the past few days close to home, actually at home, caregiver to her sick hub. She was healthy, but to avoid going stir crazy, she came up with a list of things to do while caring for a temporarily sick person who needs attention, but not 24/7 care. Go read her cute and funny list of fun suggestions: 10 Things To Do While Home With a Sick Spouse.

Rebecca Olkowski has been getting her steps in to stay in shape. She strolled the beautiful Napa wine country with her family during Thanksgiving. Then, she hiked up to the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles with her sister after they drove back. You go girl!

pretty purple Australian trees

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, offers us highlights from her recent vacation to Australia. Robison went to Sydney, where she lived in the late 1960s, to revisit the places she lived and worked. She and her sister, niece, and great nephew also visited Perth, a city Robison choose because it’s Australia’s only major city that she had not yet visited. In addition, she wanted to see Perth because it’s on Australia’s west coast like Seattle is on the west coast of the United States.

Tom Sightings is in a reflective mood this week, pondering What Makes Us Happy? He has done a little research, and has a few ideas of his own. Maybe you can chime in with a few insights of your own. Skip on over to Sightings Over Sixty.

Polar-Express-fbHope you are all enjoying the pre-holiday slump like I am! Time to get out those old music CDs. What are your favorites? We love Wind Machine, Portraits of Christmas from 1990(!) and Polar Express. As many of you know, watching the Polar Express is an annual ritual for us. Even though we almost have it memorized, we always find something new and different every time we watch. There is much more to this simple childhood tale than meets the eye. Genius at work here! Can you hear the bell?

11 thoughts on “Eight Boomer Bloggers Share Their Thoughts!

  1. I’m excited to be joining the group for the first time and as Carol said there is such a variety. Thanks so much for inviting me to join and I look forward to learning more about you all. Some of you I know and already follow but others are hopefully new friends in the making. My tree is up and would you believe almost all our shopping is done for the Festive Season! Have a beautiful week and thanks for putting this together. x


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