Boomer Flu: Virulent and Quite Deadly

They are not kidding about this flu epidemic. Just a short note to say I am still alive, barely, and please watch out Baby Boomers! I have been fighting a terrible intestinal infection for the past few months, when I got hit with the flu this week. It has been a long time since I have experienced such nausea, delirium, and night sweats. And talk about a fast weight loss plan!

Please be careful out there.

“This flu season is considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be highly severe, but one age group is feeling it more than usual. People ages 50 to 64 are particularly badly affected by this year’s flu, the CDC told reporters Friday, possibly because of the strains in circulation.”

7 thoughts on “Boomer Flu: Virulent and Quite Deadly

  1. You really got hit hard! I’m overjoyed you’re alive and feeling better. Last week I went to NYC and was terrified I’d catch the flu. It was all they talked about on the news there. I put some Chlorox Wipes On The Go in my purse and wiped EVERYTHING down and didn’t touch my face with my hands. Of course my hands are rough like sandpaper now, but I didn’t get the flu. Keep improving!! Brenda


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