Alcohol: A Cheap Excuse For Terrible Behavior!

After watching Dr. Ford’s testimony just now, and hearing every excuse in the book for “boys being boys,” I need to say, does Judge Kavanaugh have a serious drinking problem? Should that disqualify him from joining our Supreme Count? Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that he sure was a big drinker in high school and college. Is binge drinking now the norm in our country?

No one so far in these Congressional hearings has brought up that angle to our apparent problem confirming him to sit on the highest court in the land. Have we fallen this far in our assessment of terrible alcoholic behavior?

“Oh well, he drank too much. So what if he assaulted a fifteen year old…”

Christine Ford

I feel I’ve heard it all now. He could have easily “accidentally killed” Dr. Ford back in 1982. Of course she remembers it! If you know much about rape and murder, you know it happens all the time with drunks. They try to silence their victims and end up silencing them FOREVER.

If Kavanaugh gets away with this, after the Republicans ignored Obama’s nomination for over a year, than I give up on justice in this country.

5 thoughts on “Alcohol: A Cheap Excuse For Terrible Behavior!

  1. I was only able to listen to snippets during the day, although (once I got home from work) I’ve seen some of Kavanaugh’s testimony. This confirmation process has been a disgrace. I grew up in a world where alcohol abuse was an acceptable excuse for almost anything, if a male did it. Drunk driving was no big deal. People made fun of drunks in comedy routines as if it was funny. Rape? Well, boys will be boys. Some things, I guess never change, except we the people do have the ability to make it change. Maybe.


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