A Brief Review of “The Wife”: How often did this happen in history?

The wife movieWhen I began watching the new film “The Wife” starring Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce yesterday, I had no idea what the whole story was, and I can highly recommend that approach if possible. It begins as an elder couple receives the big phone call from the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden. Let the celebration begin! Imagine the joy you would feel if you or your husband won a Nobel Prize in literature. But alas, so much is hidden behind this joyful moment in marriage. As always, marriages are more complicated than they at first seem to be.             Go ahead. Ride the wave of joy, anger and sorrow as this couple of forty years comes to terms with the many lies within their relationship.

This film is a tour de force for the actor Glenn Close, whose image is shown from almost every angle, exposing decades of anger and frustration as the years of bias and sexism take their toll on her psyche and their marriage.

YES! Give her the Oscar for Best Actress! She so deserves it!

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