“Miracle Messages” helps the homeless reconnect with loved ones

Miracle Messages helps “local partner sites engage their homeless neighbors in conversation and offer to help them record short Miracle Messages (video, audio, or text messages) to their loved ones. Then, our trained digital detectives attempt to deliver the Miracle Message and facilitate a reunion.”

Please allow me to explain how important this work can be. My disabled brother John had been homeless or close to it for years, with little or no contact with his family. In 2010, after he disappeared from Durango, we did not hear from him for a few years. I decided to set up a missing persons report at NamUs to reassure us that if his body was found we would be notified. Instead, a wonderful Forest Ranger down near Sedona Arizona saw my listing and talked John into contacting us. Since then we have reconnected in an amazing and life-changing way for all of us, his children, my elderly parents, my sister and me.

I imagine pride or shame cause many homeless people to avoid contact with people from their past. It is so important that they know that sometimes family and friends still love them and miss them terribly. Please donate as much as you can to this worthy cause because:

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