Adding insult to injury in the treatment of our poor little blind puppy

It isn’t easy being ripped off by the medical establishment, and funny how they do it when you are most upset and vulnerable. We were told to take Rasta to an eye specialist for his apparent glaucoma and blindness in one eye. We went up to Colorado Springs on Tuesday for help. Instead we got a very sad diagnosis and a bill for $400 dollar for meds that would not help his blindness. So why did we pay it?

As you might guess I was very upset, and Mike was afraid to upset me further by protesting $230 worth of meds. when it seemed certain that Rasta would lose that eye anyway. So we paid and left. Only later I got to wondering how the bill added up to $400 for a 20 minute appointment. When I looked closer they charged us $160 for eye drops for glaucoma even though we were all fairly certain that his left eye was not salvageable. I felt like they took advantage of my own vulnerability and I was angry.

This is my cautionary tale….

7 thoughts on “Adding insult to injury in the treatment of our poor little blind puppy

    • Exactly Alana! And when I called them up later they just said, “TOUGH.” Not my kind of health care experience. That’s why I’m warning others. What has happened to COMPASSION in this world???


  1. Hi Laura, I guess the meds will help his right eye, anyway. I think you need to feel that you did what you could for Rasta. And for dogs, blindness isn’t as tragic as blindness is for people. He still has his wonderful sense of smell and his hearing and his sense of comfort in the people he knows. You would have felt worse if you did nothing for him. Thanks for sharing! Cheryle


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