A nation born of racial violence…

It does not take a genius to see that by killing most native peoples in this country and then importing native Africans to produce our crops for us, our very existence was based on racial violence. Anyone who hates immigrants today must hate themselves, because we are almost all immigrants to this beautiful land.

As one who rarely quotes the Bible, I say, “Violence begets violence” in all of human history. Our nation was born of violence against the aborigines of this country first, and then Africans who did NOT want to come here on slave ships! In the West we have a long history of hate for Latinos, the Chinese and the Japanese. What a country! And now we act surprised that the violence continues?

A nation born of immigration and racial violence should not now be surprised that racism and violence continues to this day. I see absolutely no end in sight. Thoughts and prayers will never be enough. A total change in human conscience is in order.

4 thoughts on “A nation born of racial violence…

  1. I absolutely agree! If we are not native aboriginals, we are immigrants. So either we’re denigrated for our forefathers being born here, or denigrated for arriving later. Sigh.


  2. I wonder if we’ll grow up enough as a country to start seeing changes for the better by the time all of us women of midlife are women in later life.

    I hope so.

    There’s an awful lot of decent people in this country, but hate seems to be pulling into the lead in a terrifying way right now.

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