COVID-19: How in the hell did this happen?

First my Dad dies, then I get a horrible case of hives, and now this! What the hell? I am reminded of Monty Python’s:

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

A friend of mine had just moved her Mom to independent living in a nursing home in Fort Collins when this hit. Now she isn’t allowed to visit her! Thank goodness my Dad died before we would have been in the same boat…

The only thing good about all this for us is that we truly do now live in the middle of nowhere. Still no virus in our county, probably because we hardly ever see our neighbors. I didn’t know it, but we have been self-quarantining for years!

One local friend stopped allowing others into his home. You have to speak to him through his front glass door now! But on a trip to Safeway last Saturday I found everyone more friendly and helpful than ever. Of course the lines were longer than I’ve ever seen here, but I got a kick out of the pure kindness of strangers in Walsenburg. Now all the tiny restaurants are closed here and a few will certainly go out of business.

What a cutie!

So what do you do when there’s nowhere to go? We’ll do what we always do, hang out and hope for the best. Mike likes to watch the blow by blow on the news. I find it just makes me itch! I’m only watching shows that help me escape like “Too Cute!”

Relax. We will all get through this and freaking out will not help a bit.

5 thoughts on “COVID-19: How in the hell did this happen?

  1. Hi Laura and Mike and all the cuties in your house! Of course you are cute, too!
    Are the hives gone now? I sure hope so.

    I’m OK here, as you said, not much to do. Maybe practice the piano a little. Now the wind comes up and I’m afraid to go get my mail. I’ll probably face it in a little while.

    Tale care of yourself. Cheryle


    • Hi Cheryle:
      Hives are almost under control…life goes on. No eggs or butter at Safeway, but Robin of Robin and Keith have extras! At least it’s sunny today!
      My brother John goes home tomorrow on the train… LLC


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