Busy wildlife in my Colorado wildflower garden

Who knew how active and entertaining a wildflower garden could be? All day long we observe all sorts of critters & creatures interacting out there. From gigantic hummingbird moths, to so many bees, beetles, little lizards all over the place and one very long snake at one time!

There are three birds in this photo! Can you find them?

The early morning is dominated by the birds as they wake up and come get some seed and water. Watch out for those dive-bombing hummingbirds!

Then the Cottontail rabbits come out of their safe, cool hiding place under the concrete step right outside my door.

Here come the chipmunks, scurrying around the Blue Mist Spirea to pick up the newly fallen seeds. I better get out there and collect some seeds before they eat them all! Mike has also seen a badger out there once, and a mountain lion attack a deer when he was out on a hike!

But the highlight of our animal observations this summer has been seeing TWO sets of Rocky Mountain Blue Bird chicks fledge from our unique little Blue bird house…

Baby Rocky Mountain Blue Birds in our bird house in June

And of course our friendly Road Runner (Beep, beep!) who seems to be sticking around to have a family right near here!

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