WOW! What an amazing rain and hail storm up here this afternoon!

I have been a weather-watcher from way back and one of the longest lasting CoCoRahs volunteers. I lived through the Fort Collins flood in 1998 and started measuring for CoCoRahs at its inception, but this afternoon was amazing to me! We live halfway between Walsenburg and La Veta in southern Colorado.

It started raining around 2pm and soon turned to hail, lots of it! It has been raining ever since…

Now, at almost 5pm, we have way over an inch of rain in the gauge and it’s still raining…

We LOVE to get precipitation in this part of Colorado, especially since we have been in a serious drought for years now, but not when it completely drowns my garden!

TOTAL precipitation from 7AM on May 17th to 7AM on the 18th at our home: 4 inches!!!

My garden plants were not amused with 2 inches of hail…

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