Fires in The West

IMGP4019Let us all have a moment of silence for those poor souls in California and Washington, who are suffering through their second season of devastating wildfires out west.

IMGP4018I know of what I speak here. We had a couple a few years ago, west of Fort Collins. I will never forget one morning there, when I woke up to smoke all over our suburban neighborhood. The smell was that of a campground outside.

IMGP4020Here in rural southern Colorado we are experiencing smoky skies over the mountains, and bright red sunrises as a result of the fires far west of here.

IMGP4013On a brighter note, Mike has completed the outside enclosure for Rasta, our micro-pup, so he can go outside without becoming lunch to the numerous wildlife around here… you should hear the coyotes at night!

Here’s how we got our kayak here… it’s a funny story!

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