Fires in The West

IMGP4019Let us all have a moment of silence for those poor souls in California and Washington, who are suffering through their second season of devastating wildfires out west.

IMGP4018I know of what I speak here. We had a couple a few years ago, west of Fort Collins. I will never forget one morning there, when I woke up to smoke all over our suburban neighborhood. The smell was that of a campground outside.

IMGP4020Here in rural southern Colorado we are experiencing smoky skies over the mountains, and bright red sunrises as a result of the fires far west of here.

IMGP4013On a brighter note, Mike has completed the outside enclosure for Rasta, our micro-pup, so he can go outside without becoming lunch to the numerous wildlife around here… you should hear the coyotes at night!

Here’s how we got our kayak here… it’s a funny story!

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One thought on “Fires in The West

  1. Hi Laura Lee! Yes the fires can be so difficult for so very many people–not to mention the birds and animals too. We’ve only had one this spring in our surrounding mountains that has been long put out, but we sympathize with so many others who are going through it now. Yes, prayers and good energy for everyone involved.


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