Moving somewhere new and making friends

making friendsMoving is never easy, at least not in my experience, and I have changed residences more times than I can count at this point in my life.  That is probably why most older Americans don’t move past a certain age.  That, plus the enormous amount of energy needed to change homes!

Recently we moved from Fort Collins, CO, a major metro area, to a very small town in southern Colorado, population 3,000.  Contrary to what I had expected, it is not easy making friends in small towns.  Yes, most are friendly when you first meet them on the street, but becoming friends is a whole different concept.

Whenever I meet people I feel I have some connection with anywhere here or in La Veta, I offer them my card with my contact information.  In four months here, none have ever called me back.  This is a time when having a primary relationship with your husband is essential.  I think it would have been very tough to move here without one!  And since we don’t have jobs here in town, the people we do meet are limited.

baby buddiesLuckily our new landlord has been friendly and welcoming.  He has made us music CDs and invited us out to his country home twice, even offering us produce from his garden.  Every other social situation here has gone nowhere.

Yes, everyone is busy in the summer months especially here.  Everyone has their lives and priorities.  But please be aware when you meet someone new to town, they could probably use a friend.  Were you ever new in town?

6 thoughts on “Moving somewhere new and making friends

  1. Hmmmmm…..thanks for posting. As I daydream about my retirement I often think it would be nice to pick up and move to a completely new place but this is a good reality check. I have so many good friends right where I am…..maybe I’ll consider staying local after all. And take trips to the other places I’m interested in. Hope you meet some new friends soon, in the meantime, you have your blogging friends!


  2. I didn’t mean to be negative, I’m just surprised how new friendships seem to go nowhere here. I guess most people have their friends all lined up after age 40 or 50, but please keep in mind there are new people arriving all the time! SO GLAD I still have my online friends Claudia!


  3. I’ve lived here for 30 years and have struggled to make friend in this new area. People are friendly when I see them; I don’t get called back much either.


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