Today the plumbing, next week the SLAB!

Do any of you have experience in the excruciatingly slow process of building a new home in rural settings?  I’m a new viewer to HGTV, and when they complain there about 6 weeks to remodel I think, try waiting 5 months to produce a slab!

IMGP2984Because we are building a slab on grade foundation, all plumbing had to be built under our slab… and inspected twenty times!  But now, we can finally see one big slab in our future!

I never thought I would be planning a slab celebration, but we already have the champagne on hand… we’re even thinking about a slab photo for our holiday cards!

See, once the slab is completed, we can start the actual building of walls.  In other words, the house will finally begin to take shape. It’s completely crazy how much time this process takes, but our contractor/builder tells us that this is as good as it gets if you want to hire the best workers out here in rural Colorado.

IMGP2959And we do want the BEST…

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