6 thoughts on “Do you see yourself differently than others do?

  1. I got my first ‘Senior Citizen’ discount at a Wendy’s. I was only 48 when the cashier automatically rang me up. When I complained, she said she could charge me the extra money and I could pay it back. I thought for a moment and said ‘No Thanks’. I liked saving the money MORE than what the cashier thought of me. I knew it was because I had stopped dying my hair (I had been dying it since I was 21) and little specs of gray peaked out amongst the blonde. The standard reaction, I think, would have been for me to start dying my hair again. Not so. I completely let myself go gray and I have been saving money ever since then! That was 16 years ago and I’ve been laughing all the way to the bank counting up all that money I have been saving over the years.
    Enjoy the discounts. Don’t question them. We deserve them!


  2. Yes. I was at McDonalds the other day and the girl very kindly chsrged me for a senior coffee. I was a bit surprised but I got over it. Do I feel like a senior? No I don’t. But I remember my mother saying the same thing. I think she was around 60 and she declared “I don’t jnow where that came from. I sure don’t feel 60”. I also remember thinking to myself at the time “yeah, right?” My parents always looked old to me. Beauty, er AGE is in the eye of the beholder!!


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