Our Small Town Thanksgiving!

With all of the bad news, I would like to share something good…

thanksgiving dinnerThis Thanksgiving we are new in town with no one to share our holiday with. I read in the local paper about a free Thanksgiving feast at our county community center.

At first, because I come from the big city, I assumed this would be only for the homeless, but when I read about it again, they were clearly inviting everyone.

Next I assumed it would be a mob scene, because such an event would surely be quite crowded if it were offered in Fort Collins, our previous home town.

Come to find out, none of my misgivings came to pass. The dinner wasn’t crowded at all. There was no line, the food was the best I’ve ever had, and everyone in that room full of strangers welcomed us warmly!

We even ran into a small group of our future neighbors from up at Navajo Ranch. So nice making new friends, and they invited us to their upcoming Christmas Party.

Small town living continues to surprise us, and always in a good way… such great inspiration to go home and put up our holiday decorations, after all it was 55 degrees outside!

4 thoughts on “Our Small Town Thanksgiving!

  1. Hey Laura Lee! Happy Thanksgiving! And what a great way to connect with your new community. I imagine that is one of the best ways possible to make new friends….and the BIG side benefit? You didn’t have to cook! ~Kathy


  2. The best of a holiday – great food you don’t have to cook or clean up yourself, a relaxed atmosphere with new-found friends and neighbors. And another holiday party to look forward to!


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