The trials and tribulations of building a custom home in rural Colorado…

IMGP3715So we’re back with our original builder, who is supposedly finishing our home. Two weeks later he hasn’t even begun to finish tiling our small home.

Excruciatingly slow progress!  And please don’t say hire someone else. There is no one else available around here! We were supposed to be in there by now, one year after we moved here to build. We did our research and chose the best builder we could find here, so WTF?

Please note the steam coming out of my ears at this point….  In the meantime, I am trying very hard to stay zen about my circumstances, as my husband awaits possible neurosurgery, and our home does not move forward.

IMGP3698Because of all the extra rainfall we have received here (over 10 inches since the middle of April!), the wildflowers are going WILD up near our new home!

IMGP3696Especially these yellow flowers called Plains Greenthread (or Navajo Tea), but we also have Indian Paintbrush, Lupines and a couple Penstemons around.

IMGP3706Just had to share these amazing fields! Who knows when they’ll be like this again…

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4 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of building a custom home in rural Colorado…

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  2. You have some interesting tips here for designing a home. I had never heard to avoid too many corners before, but that makes sense. So if I were to design my own home, I need to avoid pop-out rooms and corners, thanks!


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