Only Love…

falling in love rocksWhile I’m talking about songs that are new to me since we headed south to retire, have you heard this marvelous song by Wynonna Judd yet? 

This is another one introduced to me by Bob our musical ex-landlord. When we first moved down here last summer his daughter was getting married, so he gave us a recording of all the songs he played at the wedding. What a great idea!

This song captures for me one of the greatest lessons of my life. It took me decades to decide that in the long run, love was the best reason to continue to exist.

Soon after that discovery back in 2004,a wonderful teacher appeared to teach me even more about loving another person well, heart and soul.

Mike is not a perfect person, but he does know how to love others, and I feel so honored that he chose me to love so completely. What luck!   Our love story could be any 49-year-old’s dream, which explains why ‘Falling in Love at 49’ on my previous blog “Midlife Crisis Queen” has been enjoyed by over 10,000 readers! Love is certainly lovelier the second time around!

  Yep, over ten years later I am even more convinced I hit the jackpot on this one! At least I did get it right here at the end!

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