Blogging Boomers Winter Solstice Edition!

IMGP4456Are you ready for the shortest day of the year? This is it! We’ll get barely nine hours of sun today, and that matters in a solar home! But I LOVE the idea of the light returning soon to bring us another glorious spring!

Today I present to you a few GREAT bloggers who wish to share with you their thoughts around this holiday time.

christmas treeTom Sightings presents for you a A Christmas Miracle, set under the tree, that might just make you believe in the goodness of the world, fate, destiny, or kismet.                         If not, have a cup of hot cider; and that might bring you a stroke or two of luck. Happy holidays to all!

Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting just returned home following a two week adventure in Norway, land of the midnight sun – except in winter, when darkness reigns. She is thrilled to Return to Sunlight.  

books for christmasThis week Linda and her husband Art volunteered at the Salvation Army Toy Drive, where they served the parents of 4,500 children in the Tucson area! Volunteers for a fabulous day! What FUN!              Keep those kids reading books!


On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, writes about how satisfied customers of credit unions, online banks , and smaller banks are with their banking experience, in comparison to those who do business with one of the nation’s four largest banks. Go see this survey. Would you like to switch financial institutions?


And me? I haven’t been busy at all, unless you consider weather watching demanding. I enjoy spending time with old and new friends, and thoughts of the winter solstice much more than that whole crazy Christmas scene. And I can assure you, rural living has no noise, traffic, crowds, etc.

Just right for enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing and the challenges of living in the present.

However you enjoy this winter break, please enjoy it thoroughly! 

10 thoughts on “Blogging Boomers Winter Solstice Edition!

  1. Love this, Laura Lee. I have friends who had a party to LIGHT up the night. And yes, now we start to move back to more sunlight and longer days.
    But tonight I won’t mind the coziness of shutting down around five o’clock with dinner and then some reading or TV with my best friend, my husband. Take care and happy holidays, Beth


  2. Yes, ma’am, from here on the light returns to give us spring and summer. I’ll enjoy Winter more because of what comes after. Thanks for the links, I think I’ve visited them all. Have a great solstice! 🙂


  3. We are enjoying our first Winter Solstice in the country, where there are no false lights in the night to alter the feeling of it all. (My husband calls it “Happy Night Day”).
    I can now understand why poets write of it and our ancestors created ceremonies and rituals around it. The darkness is deep; it gets into your bones. But, instead of it feeling oppressive, I feel like I’m participating in the cycle of life now more than ever. Without darkness, there is no light. Without destruction, there can be no creation.


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