What is a palisade anyway?

Yesterday was so much FUN! My brother from Sedona Arizona got a ride up to Taos, New Mexico the day before, so Mike and I drove down there to pick him up.

This is a beautiful drive from where we live, through lots of mountains. On the way there we took the direct route west to Fort Garland, and then south to Taos, but on the way home we drove further south through Red River, Eagle’s Nest and Cimarron New Mexico. Along the way we found some incredible “palisades.”

I have never known what this word meant although I’ve seen it used all over Colorado. Turns out it originally meant “a steel or wooden fence or wall of variable height, usually used as a defensive structure.” But the common usage in the U.S. today is steep cliffs or buttes…

IMGP5159Like these! Is that cool or what?

We just came around a corner and boom, they were right in front of us! IMGP5160

We, of course, had to stop and enjoy a walk down to the river and take pictures:

IMGP5164This is Mike and John enjoying the scenery…

So there you have it, that is your English language lesson for today. Now go  find your own palisades to enjoy!

11 thoughts on “What is a palisade anyway?

  1. Thanks for tracing the lineage of Palisades. We just moved into an apartment house called Palisades. I always figured it was named after a neighborhood about 3 miles away that borders the Potomac River. There are wonderful cliffs there cascading down to the river, so I am feeling an even more delightful connected to my new home.


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