Trump, Marriage and the Blame Game

As we gear up for another “Winter Storm Warning” here in southern Colorado, I thought I might discuss one of my favorite topics when it comes to marriage or cohabitation of any kind.

blame the other guyThe biggest problem with marriage is that it makes blaming others far too easy. And I suppose that goes for the presidency at present too. Is anyone taking responsibility for their actions these days?

Have you ever noticed how automatic it feels to see a problem and say, “Who did this? It wasn’t me!” I have observed over my 62 years on this planet, that marriage just makes this worse. As kids it definitely is automatic, even if it isn’t true. But in marriage you have one other person who is far too handy to blame!

Having lived alone for most my adult life, I have learned to laugh at this tendency. When you have no one else to blame, you tend to take responsibility.

Now I say find the solution, not the blame.

Would somebody please tell President Trump to stop acting like a child and take responsibility for his own choices? Is that too much to ask from a 70-year-old man? His childish behavior is annoying.

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