Heroes and Anti-Heroes this summer

firefighterMy American heroes for this summer are the valiant men and women who work day and night to save American lives and homes. Of course I’m completely biased because those same heroes saved my home about one month ago. I also congratulate our Sheriff’s department and the National Guard members who came in on a moment’s notice to maintain the peace in an extremely desperate situation. I am convinced that without their help, our entire county would have burned.

But, until you’ve been evacuated you really don’t get it!

And then we have the true anti-hero of this summer: President Trump.

What is an anti-hero?

According to Wikipedia: “An antihero is one who lacks conventional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage, and morality. Although antiheroes may sometimes do the right thing, it is not always for the right reasons. They primarily act out of pure self-interest.”

Instead of showing some concern for the millions of Americans who are losing their homes to floods and wildfires, our president decides to obstruct justice while on trial for obstructing justice. Someone please tell him that Jeff Sessions does not have the power to end the Mueller investigation. Does our president even care that the Russians are running our elections now?

We now have far too many super smart people thinking about and talking about this idiot and his stupid tweets! So many difficult problems to solve and nothing going on at the White House but tweets and ten day vacations.

Sorry guys. I try to avoid politics, but this situation is unbearable to me now!

3 thoughts on “Heroes and Anti-Heroes this summer

  1. The yin and yang of humanity. Those who will run towards an emergency and save those affected at risk of their own lives. And those who couldn’t give a (bleep) that the emergency is in progress, and goes off to play and dine. But what really gets me in the gut are those who cheer on the latter and will take health care or other benefits from the former.


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