Climate change, aging and control issues

coyoteA few days ago I awoke to the sound of coyotes laughing at us for believing that we control the earth. Oh that illusion of control, it truly is laughable, especially in light of our recent wildfires, floods, droughts and heat waves.                                                                                                                                                Climate change seems to be nature’s way of saying, “Control this!” If you have ever lived near an out-of-control volcano, hurricane, wildfire or flood, you know exactly what I mean.

Mike and I have been experiencing various health problems lately, most related to aging, that and the fact I still don’t have Internet access from home, is the reason why I haven’t been writing here. It seems to me that new aches and pains, gut problems, etc. are also nature’s way of saying, “Control this!” Needless to say, we are not “controlling” aging all that well…


I’m beginning to think the sooner we can let go of that pesky illusion of control, the better off we’ll be!


8 thoughts on “Climate change, aging and control issues

  1. I think of hubris when people think or say that we humans are so powerful we control things. So I agree with you. I hope you find a way to access the internet, maybe at a library or coffee shop.


  2. We have never been in control, it’s just our folly in thinking that we can. As for smartphones and hot spots…they go well together. Seriously. For the price of what you’re probably paying for internet, you can pay for an unlimited data package with a smartphone and get speeds that rival regular internet. When my husband and I travel, we don’t use the hotel wifi, we use our hotspot because it works so much faster. (Can you tell that I used to work for a wireless company?)


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