Sunrise Meditations, Number 1


United we stand. Divided we fall. 

Hatefulness is not the way…

It cannot be more clear to me that our enemies are winning in this race to see how best to destroy our country. Russia and probably China (and who knows who else) would like to see us fall into division and disarray. They love to watch this president sow seeds of anger, hate and doubt. In his mind, everyone is responsible except for him, just like a child.

I have never seen such hatefulness in my country in my 63 years here. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence, and anyone who knows anything about human behavior knows that blaming is a thoughtless and childish way of ignoring the part we each play in this destruction of our country.

There is no way Trump will be maturing anytime soon, so what are the rest of us to do about this cancer of divisiveness? Arguments have been made on both sides about “going high,” “going low” or standing up to the stupidity and lies we see daily. I have no answer except to say:

We all want the same things. I am certain of that. We do not want to end over two hundred years of American history, by descending into hatred and chaos.

Each of us must be honest, see what is happening here and choose a higher road than that of our president. If we don’t, hate and stupidity wins and we all lose.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise Meditations, Number 1

  1. Oh, this is so true. Hate does nothing but tear apart and divide. And blaming was something we should have stopped doing in grade school.
    I like the quiet groundswell of opposition and reason I’m seeing. Let’s keep it going!


  2. It is the same in Canada. Sadly. I am torn between crawling under a rock and doing my thing ignoring it all. OR being loud and fighting for what I believe is right, even though I risk offending and losing at least half my friends. ( the ones who haven’t deleted me already)


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