Fight Hate with Love

Have you ever considered the power of hate versus the power of love? Which do you believe to be stronger? In a nation where it is not so unusual for parishioners to be shot down in their own church or synagogue because of their beliefs, this can become a serious dilemma. How many Jews have died for their beliefs in the history of mankind?

If I were the president today, I would recommend a day of reflection for our country, a day to reflect on how hate and violence have become far too common. We might also reflect on who we are as a people and who we aspire to be as a nation.

Hatefulness is not the way to greatness, for a person or a nation.

In this season of nastiness and negativity, better known as election time, stop and notice who the haters are. Who has the most nasty and negative ads to represent the way they see their opponent and their world? Stop and think about how this reflects on their character. We already have a nasty, negative president who apparently enjoys disparaging more than half of us for not supporting his policies or his way of running our country. Do you want others to join him in embarrassing us around the world?

peace symbol

Let us instead meditate on love and peace around the world. Peace for the families who have lost so much in this most recent act of hatred and violence. Peace to those who know not what they have done…


7 thoughts on “Fight Hate with Love

  1. So close to the Kristallnacht anniversary, I am saddened beyond belief to see how hate can take the lives of a 97 year old Holocaust survivor, a mentally challenged individual, and many more, including others in their 80’s (and a Holocaust survivor who would have been in there if he hadn’t been late to the service but was caught in the crossfire in the parking lot) in just a few minutes. And I wonder…what can I do, that will do any good? right now, I am questioning the power of hate vs. the power of love.


  2. I love your message. Love is more powerful than hate. Supporting each other and simply being kind will have a contagious effect that can change our world. Baby steps by each of us will bring a more peaceful world.


  3. I am so saddened by the recent shootings. Just what you suggest, if our President said those words from his heart, tweeted them, it would be a start. No he tweets about the World Series! As a livelong RedSox fan I am still well aware of a time and place and I am not the President of the United Sates. His tweet about the Dodger’s manager I think reeked on racism too! I am saddened.


  4. Love will conquer in the end. But sometimes, as we know, hate gets in a lot of blows before love takes over. But the one thing we cannot do is give up! One person at a time. One love-filled message at a time! And DON’T give up!


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