The Colorado Spring Fire: Deja Vu

Galena Fire March 2013As the death toll continues to rise in both northern and southern California, I cannot help but remember this past summer, when we were evacuated from our home for the Spring Fire. For one week we watched and waited to see if our area would survive bone dry conditions and high winds. Luckily we received a good rain just in time to quell our fires and save most of the area, except for homes west of here in the mountains. They were burned down before the nation’s firefighters arrived to save this valley and the town of La Veta.

Words cannot describe my anger at our ridiculous president for criticizing anyone whose home is burning down before their eyes. Or worse, who died simply because the fires came through so quickly that there was no way to escape. Who is this IDIOT, criticizing those who risk their lives everyday to save the lives of others?

Those who are suffering now in California will suffer for the rest of their lives from this kind of trauma. It is impossible for those who have not experienced something like this to truly understand the feeling of loss and hopelessness when everything you know goes up in smoke before your eyes. Think about these poor souls as you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner or gather around the tree at Christmas…

P.S. I feel no sympathy for those stuck in traffic on the East Coast right now. Try burning to death sometime!

11 thoughts on “The Colorado Spring Fire: Deja Vu

  1. The California fires are heart breaking! I’ve experienced the heartbreak of two category five storms last year…but there is something about the complete destruction of a fire. My heart goes out to those who have lost their homes and those who have lost loved ones. 😦


  2. When I see photos of those fires, I feel so horrible for the people who are losing their homes. I can’t imagine how anyone could not have compassion for them. Unless perhaps you’re a narcissistic sociopath, like Trump. Or the people who continue to support him in spite of his despicable behavior.


  3. This is heartbreaking! And it’s terrible anyone who experiences such a horrible event has to be re-traumatized by a narcissistic moron who should be offering compassion and support.


  4. Years ago I worked with a woman who had lost her home in a fire caused by a defective lamp she had purchased several days before. So fortunate that no one was in the house at the time (adults at work, children in school) because it could have been tragic. I think of that multiplied many, many times from knowing one person who has “been through it”- thinking of the toxic smoke, fire spreading so rapidly no one was enough warning to escape, panic, horror, and more. I think the full tragedy of all the Western fires is only now being revealed. How can anyone doubt what kind of man our President is – one without compassion, one focused only on him self, one who uses people and tosses them aside, one who restocks the swamp regularly, one who threatens withdrawal of Federal funds not at all understanding (or caring) what is going on.


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