The Boomer Perspective On Armed Insurrection Against Our Government

After a day and a half of anger against those who believe they have the right to invade and destroy our nation’s capital, I had an interesting thought when I put this in historical perspective. We all remember the sometimes violent protests in the 1960s by radical left groups like Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The SDS directed their violence against college campuses and even blew up a few buildings and innocent bystanders for their cause. However they did not attack our capital and threaten the members of the Congress of the United States. They did not attack and kill capital police.

Anarchists are nothing new in America, but today the anarchists are radical right groups, spurred on by our President and every nut job who says anything against government on the Internet. In case you missed it, their next plan of attack is to come back to the capital with over a million armed men and take over our government. Thanks to all who have encouraged this mob of ill-informed ne’er-do-wells, many may die. This is a group to be concerned about, not just blown off as a few losers. They are fully-armed and prepared to destroy everything we hold dear, especially democracy.

I just want to say I LOVE MY COUNTRY and would NEVER break down the doors of the capital and destroy it. This is such a sacrilege. These people hate our country.

Postscript: Our congressional representative Lauren Boebert (the BOZO!) hid from the terrorists and then notified them where Pelosi was hiding… I told Mike she’d be doing shit like this!

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