Our solar home is FINALLY taking shape!

For those who are new here, my husband Mike and I sold our perfectly good suburban home in Fort Collins Colorado four months ago, to move 225 miles south and build the home we have always dreamed of.

When I first met Mike at age 49 in early 2005, we fell in love quite quickly.  He told me then that he wasn’t moving again unless he got a great view, and could design and build a passive solar home outside the city.  Nine years later that dream is coming true!

View from our landThis is the view from our foothills land three hours south of Denver, a fantastic view of Spanish Peaks! A few weeks ago we got the trenching done, and watched them put in the footers… We are ecstatic!

This process has been painfully slow! But we know it will all be worth it in the end.  The silence, the views, and the many different birds and wildlife up there, this looks like the perfect place for us… and check out our future commute home!

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