Decking the roof with lots of sheathing!

IMGP3183This year we’re decking the ROOF instead of the halls!

On an amazingly sunny warm December day down here, we just drove up to find that our roof decking is going up fast! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it never ceases to amaze me how these guys stand up there and balance while fitting in boards and nailing them in.

IMGP3153Check out this balancing act!

IMGP3185So glad we are having such brilliant December weather this year…

IMGP3188and the views just keep on coming!

DSCF1019The sun will come way inside of our house on the shortest day of the year, passive solar at its BEST!

BTW, I just read that for the realtors down here, 2014 was their best year since 2006. Better get down here if you want to find some good deals left!

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2 thoughts on “Decking the roof with lots of sheathing!

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