My MOST stressful year is almost over!

Surprise, surprise I found our builder out there this morning BEFORE 8 AM! I guess he just figured out we are moving in, in a few days! Time to get the stove in…

I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to find out my entire counter will not be finished until after we move in. And guess what? He won’t get paid until that’s finished either…

I have been trying not to totally stress over these final days, but I would say it’s not working… I am having daily meltdowns lately.

Poor Mike, perhaps this wasn’t the year to get off my estrogen patch.  🙂

IMGP3926At least Kristy helped me get my fancy bath back splash done this week! I planned the whole bath around the colors in that tin lavender sign, and I’m really happy with the results! This photo doesn’t show the colors exactly how they look.

IMGP3919And on another positive note, the native sunflowers are numerous this July. Check out the view out of our front door.

IMGP3923This is the view back towards the front door. I have to remind myself daily that all of this stress will pass, and then we will be set for some SERIOUS rest and relaxation!

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3 thoughts on “My MOST stressful year is almost over!

  1. It is just a phase, even though a stressful phase. When you have been living in the house a few weeks all will be right with your world again. Good luck for the actual move in.


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