Retired and missing your job?

Just heard on the news that most people don’t like their work. OK, perhaps that is no news flash for most, but as a retired person, I find that a bit sad. I immediately flash on a sign my Dad always had up in his office:

“I like my work, but it breaks up the day!”

I was raised by a man who LOVED his work. Silly me, as a kid I thought everybody did. Obviously work gave my Dad meaning and purpose. He was a botany professor who got to interact with college kids all day long. He loved teaching and counseling them. He was one of the few who reached his goal in life, and found it completely satisfying.


Our view of the Sangre de Cristo range every morning!

As an academic librarian I always liked my work, but no, there was no love involved. I did it for 25 years. I was a dedicated employee who got there in spite of winter storms, etc. My main problem in my career was the stupid bosses, and in libraries they were often men. One especially hate-filled one finally got me in the end. He fired me at age 49, and I haven’t worked as a librarian since.

These days, when Mike and I discuss work, he always says he misses his job. He worked with some high-level engineers in areas like developments in solar inverter technology. He had to give up his career for health reasons. He says he misses working with cutting-edge technology. I wish he still could enjoy those daily challenges, but I do not miss my work as a librarian. I find that I was smarter than most of my bosses, and that didn’t work out well.

I LOVE doing research and writing. I LOVE being my own boss, although there have been times when I could be quite demanding. The Internet has given us many new freedoms and I love it all! Now I do what I want with my time and generally enjoy the process. I wish you all this future!

Save your dollars and perhaps someday you will be able to live where you want and spend your days doing whatever you choose!

laura-rasta-xmas-2012-croppedI’m a newcomer to rural southern Colorado.  After two years I decided to compile a short journal about the ups and downs of moving from a good-sized city to rural America to build a passive solar home in the foothills:

A Memoir of Retirement: From Suburbia to Solar in Southern Colorado

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7 thoughts on “Retired and missing your job?

  1. Both my husband and I miss our work. We were both in good places–though as a lawyer, his work was more stressful. I now work on a contract basis for the magazine where I used to work full time. It fills me with great joy when a big assignment comes along. I also miss the workplace–being around my “second family” and in touch with all the latest trends. I guess I’m a reluctant retiree.


  2. I worked for foreign nationals in an immigration environment. Looking back, I think I was really a service maid… I put up with a lot and understand totally how it feels to get the rug pulled out at an older age. Since then, it has been a combination of pt time jobs to make ends meet, but really not the stress I endured for many years. I don’t think I ever overcame the burn out which created health issues that could have been prevented if I had only moved on earlier. If I had your talent for writing, that’s what I would be doing right now.

    I wonder about consulting for Mike. Like you mentioned, the internet has given us all so much access. He could define his area of expertise, and do it at his own pace. Just thinking of all the possibilities. Have you noticed that I always seem to have ideas for other people….


  3. I loved the job I had for the last ten years before I retired. I love being retired now, though, and wonder how I ever managed to fit a job into my life! I love following blogs like yours and writing my own as well. Life is good. 🙂


  4. I LOVE all the great words of encouragement I receive daily from women like you two Dellann and DJan! Good to know your stories and how you have grown through the years. My only health issues I have done to myself, she said after one bad bike accident and a recent concussion…At least I finally found the kind of work I can fully enjoy and it’s done from home in my robe! Yes DJan, LIFE IS GOOD! 🙂


  5. How do I follow your blog? Only by googleplus? I tried to follow you using but that didn’t work. Re librarian work, I had a full career as a librarian, and I must say that some female bosses are horrible.


  6. Thanks for reading Terra! I’ve never had to follow my own blog, but I think it might be under “Reader” in the upper left-hand side there. Try that and let me know please! And yes there are definitely some bad women bosses too!!! You got that right!


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