A New Southern Colorado Adventure & Delight!

Yesterday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day in one of the most mellow places I can imagine. We drove an hour and a half west of here and arrived at the Sand Dunes Pool for a long, peaceful soak in the hot springs there.


We started out in the long, lazy river pool at around 100 degrees. This gets deeper the further you go in, and at the end there is a small water fall. The surrounding are surprisingly tropical and the temperature inside is perfect! This is the only pool you can swim around in in the adult section.

When you tire of the long, cool pool you can choose between three other smaller pools from 103 to 110 degrees or take a sauna.

The atmosphere is tropical, with cool plants growing everywhere! We saw a few orchids, some very nice succulents, a large Jade tree, and even a few tomatoes on the vine. This place is wonderful, like a moist, warm oasis in the middle of the dry, cold San Luis Valley. No wonder it is so popular! Alcohol is served in this section, and their hamburgers are great.

Sand Dunes Pool outdoor swimming poolEverything I have described so far is in the adult or age 21+ section of this property. There is also an large, outdoor pool for families with kids. The surrounding mountains are incredible, and they also have places to stay there if you are on a vacation or RV camping. We’re just glad we live close enough to drive over for the day!

I do wish to mention one comment from a fellow swimmer yesterday. She was around age 50 and apparently she had been observing Mike and I for a while, when she came up to us and said,

“I just have to say you two make such a cute couple! My husband and I have been married for over 30 years. I just hope we can be like you two as we grow older together.” 

That pretty much made our day!

How did this happen? How did I end up here, feeling so fortunate?

It’s a long story, one I can now share with you in my new memoir!

9 thoughts on “A New Southern Colorado Adventure & Delight!

  1. I am enjoying your blog and beautiful pictures..I live just over the mountains in the San Luis Valley. It was quite fun to read your post about the Sand Dunes Hot Springs featured. Living in a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides is wonderful!Mary in Alamosa


  2. Hey Mary! Howdy! I’d love to meet you sometime! We have some serious family history in Alamosa! Have you heard of the Bean family? Yes, being surrounded by those wonderful mountains must be a treat, but we’re not sure passive solar would work there, because it’s so much colder than here! Still we love the hot springs over there and plan to go over regularly now!


  3. Is this area all new? I don’t remember this tropical oasis when I was last there, about 5 years ago. I will definitely be going agin though since its onl about 1 1/2 hours from where I live.


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