Journey Back to Self, Finding Home…

I saw a great profile of one of my favorite human beings last Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning. Richard Gere has been a bit of a guru for me ever since he found me at exactly the right moment, in the midst of a tremendously depressing afternoon in the summer of 2004. From the television, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Hang on, it all changes.” That was enough for me, and he was so right!

Richard now works as an advocate for the disadvantaged of the world. He recently played a homeless man in his film “Time out of Mind”, twelve years in the making. He also works to bring attention to the terrible plight of immigrants worldwide: People without a country.

I find Richard has a knack for asking the important questions, questions like, “Where am I safe in this world?” and “How did I end up here?” And then he said, “We’re all about our stories…”

fe truth I have been focused on lately is how so many of us seem to find a way to return to our original or true self through the chaos that midlife can be. For example, the constant questioning of how I ended up so unhappy with my life at age 49, led me to rediscover who I am, and what I needed to accomplish before I died.

I see now I was in search of a new sense of home and comfort within myself. I was looking for my place in this world.

What did I love and want more of in my life? What parts of my life did I need to jettison RIGHT NOW? What voices in my head were leading me to unhappiness, and which ones were wise and compassionate?


Finding the right voices to listen to has led me to this place in rural Colorado, where the birds sing me awake each morning, and…

“the sun pours in like butterscotch and sticks to all my senses.” Thank you Joni!

How did this happen? How did I end up here, feeling so fortunate?

It’s a long story, one I can now share with you in my new memoir!

13 thoughts on “Journey Back to Self, Finding Home…

    • I promise it will Carla. Decide what your highest priority is and go for it NOW! Even if it may seem crazy to others.
      I decided at 49 that finding one great love in my life was no.1, even though I didn’t have a job at the time. I focused completely and then I met Mike, and everything good that has happened to me since then came through his love and wisdom. Now I’m happier than I have ever been…Life really does work out!


  1. He is awesome! I have loved this man forever….American Gigolo, An Oficer and a Gentleman and my all time fav Pretty Woman…I also love that he is a good person and as well as a good actor… Loved this Laura!


  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I didn’t know Richard Gere is such a cool guy. And I’m so glad you are happy and are willing to share it with me! 🙂


  3. You know me Walker, I can’t seem to stop sharing in hopes that it might help others stuck in bad places like I was when I started this midlife journey. Thanks for your “itty bitty shitty committee.” Love it and love your work!


  4. Lovely post. For me, somehow it all goes back to writing being “home.” Good reminder to find a way to incorporate that more thoroughly.


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