Free Your Mind… It’s OK to Relax!

Purple buddhaOne of the BEST lessons I have learned from my husband Mike is how to truly relax. I have a natural guilt around sitting around spacing out. If you are anything like me, you will first need to be convinced that it’s OK to relax.

Consider the long and arduous history of mankind on this earth. Yes, they had to keep busy looking for food and protecting themselves from anything that wanted to eat them, but I feel certain they also knew how to relax. I just can’t see a caveman or woman being all stressed out over their to-do list. Primitive tribes today still know how to spend hours doing nothing.

It’s healthy to relax, stare off into space, and enjoy this present moment. In fact, it can even be ‘productive’ in its own way. Did you know some of our most creative ideas came from spacing out? Ask Newton. That’s how he first noticed gravity.

So the next time you are feeling pressured to get too many things done, remember relaxation can be very good for you. De-stress and embrace the ‘F’ word, FUN!    You do enough. You are enough. You have enough

I’m a newcomer to rural southern Colorado.  After two years I decided to compile a short journal about the ups and downs of moving from a good-sized city to rural America to build a passive solar retirement home: A Memoir of Retirement: From Suburbia to Solar in Southern Colorado   

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9 thoughts on “Free Your Mind… It’s OK to Relax!

  1. My late husband taught me how to relax, but now that he’s gone, I’m let that go. Even when I’m watching TV, my posture is like I’m going to be there just for a little while. Grrr… Last Sunday I really took the day off, and it was great. My plans are to do that again this Sunday. One day a week at a time. Brenda


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  3. I wrote something similar this week and I’m all on board to relaxing and spacing out!!! Embracing the “F” word…love it!


  4. My husband taught me to relax, too! And to rest. Sometimes when I sit down to rest, my mind starts to race. Right now, I’m in a state of tension as I have so many things to do before I can take a vacation and relax!


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