Life in the Colorado outback…

AMAZING sunrise over the Spanish Peaks January 2018

As the sun rises each day over the Spanish Peaks…


the birds gather out on our feeder to have a quick bird seed meal and a drink, if the water isn’t frozen.

Did you ever notice?

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”                     -YEATS


“There’s something beautiful about quiet and peace. There’s something beautiful about not trying to do anything, but simply, in some way, your heart joining the whole world. There’s a time in life when we should be running around doing things. We should go out dancing; there’s a time in life for that. There’s a time in life for building something up in this world, a family, an institution, a business, a creative life; there’s a time for that.

There’s also a time for becoming quiet, a time for slow conversations with people that we love, and a time for reflecting on all the things that we’ve seen in many years of living. When the time for those things comes, it’s beautiful. It’s not a terrible thing, it’s sweet. There’s also a time for letting go of our life, not “Damn, somebody’s snatching this away from me,” but “Yes, it’s beautiful to exhale after you inhale.” At the right time, when the chest is full, breathe out and let go.”     – Norman Fischer, “Suffering Opens the Real Path”

8 thoughts on “Life in the Colorado outback…

  1. I love that part of the country! Colorado is one of my favorite states and I’m dying to come back and explore it even more. I’ve been to Mesa Verde by way of Colorado Springs and on another trip we explored Denver. My next trip I want to go to Rocky Mountain National Park!


  2. Laura, you are so in love with your life and it comes through in these photos. THANK YOU. I’m struggling with how our country might be, how the
    beauty might be damaged. I am grateful for what we have now. Hugs, Beth


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  4. We delivered cattle to Colorado on many, many occasions and attended the Denver stock shows nearly every year. Daddy loved it there! I feel like it’s my other home. So envious of this time in your life!


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